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Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Poway

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Wisdom teeth are the last of the permanent teeth to come in, usually appearing between the ages of 17 and 25.

Most people will experience impacted wisdom teeth, which means there is insufficient room in the mouth for them to erupt or develop normally. Here at Gateway Dentistry, we can provide you with the care you need for your wisdom teeth extraction in Poway.

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When is it time to remove Wisdom Teeth?

Between ages 16 to 19 you should have your wisdom teeth checked. Your Gateway dentist may recommend these be removed for patients with impacted wisdom teeth experiencing symptoms. Symptoms can include pain, infection, crowding of the other teeth, difficulty removing food between second molars, headaches and other problems. If any of these are present it is advisable to have them pulled.

Sometimes, even when an impacted wisdom tooth is not currently presenting symptoms it is worth considering having it removed. Problems can develop later on and the longer one waits the more likely it becomes for complications to arise during or after the extraction.

Get a thorough evaluation and consultation

While it’s impossible to predict with certainty any future problems impacted wisdom teeth may cause, there are some sound arguments for preventive extraction.

Your Poway dentist at Gateway Dentistry will discuss and recommend the best options for you based up the exact status of your wisdom teeth including any symptoms they present. An impacted wisdom tooth may grow at an angle towards the adjacent molar or an angle towards the back of the mouth. It can even grow in sideways or stay straight but remain in the jawbone under the gum.

Avoiding future complications of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Most wisdom teeth extractions in Poway are routine and carry few complications. However, complications tend to grow more frequent and severe with the age of the patient. This is the primary reason that extractions of impacted wisdom teeth should occur earlier than later.

Get your wisdom teeth extraction at Gateway Dentistry in Poway scheduled today to guarantee no future problems with your wisdom teeth.

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