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At Gateway Dentistry, we offer the best in sedation dentistry in Poway. For many people dentistry can be frightening. You can rest easy when visiting our dental office because we work to ensure your total comfort. When scheduling an appointment let us know if you have anxiety about dentistry so that we can prepare for your visit accordingly.

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Types of Sedation Dentistry

At Gateway Dentistry in Poway, we provide every approach to dental sedation to give you the option you need.

A qualified representative will go over the different options to find what the best procedure is for you. Many of our patients simply need to relax. Laughing gas (nitrous oxide) is quick and effective for this. This is a tried and true procedure and wears off quickly when the procedure is finished without residual impairments.

When a cavity is being treated or other minor dental work performed, patients may use a combination of laughing gas and localized pain medication which is injected via the gums to the area being worked on. Our Poway dentist team will apply as much medication as necessary during the procedure.

For more intensive procedures, patients may want IV medication. Instead of localizing the anesthesia, this will affect the entire body. It is extremely effective. As a sedation dentist, we find that many of our patients request this level of sedation to ensure that they do not feel anything while having dental work performed.

For oral surgery, total sedation may be preferable or necessary. Often called sleep dentistry, it is an excellent solution for a full smile makeover. A full smile makeover has many steps and can take some time. Sleep dentistry helps your body to remain still. There is no discomfort as the patient is fully asleep.

Sedation Dentistry for me?

For more questions regarding sedation dentistry in Poway, call our office today at Gateway Dentistry. We will get to know you and understand all your concerns prior to recommending the type of sedation dentistry that you should consider. As an effective sedation dentist, we can ensure that your experience is a positive one.

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