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At Gateway Dentistry of Poway, our dentist is an expert at completing the root canal procedure and keeping patients completely comfortable.

Root canals are a common procedure. Every year millions of root canals are performed and, as a result, the need to pull infected teeth is greatly reduced. If you live in the Poway area and are experiencing tooth pain, root canal treatment in Poway may be the solution for you.

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Why do most people need a root canal?

When a cavity has gone past the surface of a tooth and has gotten into the center (known as dental pulp) a root canal is warranted. In this area the nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels reside — all of the sensitive areas of a tooth. When the area becomes infected it can be incredibly painful, requiring immediate treatment.

If it is not treated in time, the infected tooth will likely require extraction, and afterwards tooth replacement. It is highly recommended to handle this before extraction is necessary. The easiest and most straightforward solution is to have our dentist save your tooth by performing a root canal treatment in Poway.

How does the treatment work?

A root canal procedure works by removing the infected areas in the tooth’s core. The dental pulp is removed, and oftentimes so are the roots. This prevents further spread of infection.

In order to complete the root canal, the space created by removing the pulp is filled with inert material and the tooth is sealed. We then apply a color-matched filling or crown to further strengthen and protect the tooth.

This means that regardless of where the tooth is located, a crown can be used, and it will blend in with the surrounding teeth. Patients throughout the Poway area appreciate how natural their tooth looks once the procedure is complete.

What about discomfort?

We help our root canal patients in Poway with sedation dentistry to keep the patient as comfortable as possible. We can eliminate both discomfort and anxiety during the procedure. Our dental staff are expert at painless dentistry and ensuring that patients experience minimal discomfort during their dental treatments.

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