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In recent years there has been a great deal of research into the safety of mercury/amalgam fillings and other metal-based materials traditionally used in dental procedures.

It is well understood that mercury is a toxic material, and the possibility exists that some of the mercury in an amalgam filling can leak into the body and can expose you to the harmful effects of mercury. Gateway Dentistry provides you with alternate solutions using metal free dentistry in Poway.

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The shift towards biocompatible materials

There is a growing body of research and even more clinical evidence showing that ceramic-based materials are quite compatible with human biology and are rapidly becoming the preferred material over metals for dental work. In addition to the biocompatibility of ceramics, these materials can also be color-matched to the surrounding natural tooth structures so the dental work is virtually undetectable, making it an aesthetic choice for those seeking a perfectly natural smile.

“I called in, having serious issues with my tooth. I was able to be seen on the same day. Staff and front desk was courteous and helpful. The (doctor) was super nice and knowledgeable, put my mind at ease. I was in and out within an hour. Will definitely be coming back!” -Karen K.

Unlimited potential for metal free materials

Metal free dentistry in Poway is a tremendous service for our patients. Every aspect of dentistry can now be performed without the use of metals, replaced by newly developed biocompatible materials. Ceramic fillings can replace your old mercury/amalgam fillings.

Invisalign teeth straightening technology is a brilliant alternative to traditional metal braces. Even dental implants made from zirconia can be used instead of the more common titanium implants. Much of the alternatives come down to choices in aesthetics and your own considerations regarding biocompatibility of the materials put in your mouth. With the development and availability of these new materials you have real choices.

Update and upgrade your smile by replacing amalgams in Poway

Many of our dental patients in Poway who previously had mercury/amalgam fillings have had them removed and replaced with tough ceramic materials.

With those dark gray, nearly black fillings replaced by color-matched ceramics they not only give a more attractive smile but also the assurance that the new ceramic fillings are biocompatible. A popular way of having this done is getting one or two fillings replaced at the time of each six-month regular checkup appointment until you’re up to date.

The Future Of Dental Technology Is Available To You Today

With metal free dentistry in Poway we have simply taken the materials aspect of dental technology to another level. Our Poway dentist is very aware of the available options our patients have and we strive to educate them on their choices in a safe, friendly environment and answer all their questions. Our objective is to ensure that whatever decision you make in opting for metal free dentistry procedures or not, that the choice is a fully informed one.

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